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About Us

About Us

ETQAAN for Hospitality Management, an Arabian Company is dedicated in providing comfortable & elegant accommodation with high standard of service, may it be business or leisure. Our company engages in professional hospitality business, established in 1998 and continuously growing.

ETQAAN for Hospitality Management has a room keys inventory of over 1,300. Furnished apartments and Internationally branded, award winning franchised Hotels, situated in premier city addresses across the Kingdom.

New projects in the pipeline confirming the company’s intention to have its name in all major cities throughout the Middle East within the next few years.

Way of Life

Dedication and commitment to express our traditional Arabian hospitality of generosity and elegant service.

Through the years, ETQAAN for Hospitality Management takes pride of what they are. QUALITY by meaning. Making sure that all our products especially of the provided services, stands out from our contemporary. An assurance of loyal customers, business partners and friends.

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