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Expert Team

Expert Team

First Class Executives

Knowledge and passion are the fusion of our Executive's commitment to refined service.

Consistently delivering profitable results and pursuing the commitment, is a dedicated team of talented leaders with decades of experience in the art of hospitality.

The Consultants


Russel Sharpe
Hotel Revenue Consultant

Neil Glassberg
Hotel Design Consultant


The Executives

Joseph El Ghazal - over 35 years of hospitality experience with major international branded hotel, Pre-Opening General Manager of ETQAAN for Hospitality Management, Hotels Division of Al Badi Group Company. He handles the company's corporate operations functions relating to the portfolio's performance and strategic management for ETQAAN management. An important role by successfully establish fund management, acquisitions and development, quality procedures, human resources, along with branding.

Mohannad Al-Mohtadi - is the Owner Finance Representative, responsible for the overall hotel-based financial activities. Mohannad sets the standardization of the core accounting and reporting processes and management information.

Majed Alogili - is the Public Relation Manager with ETQAAN for Hospitality Management. Hotel division, Majed has an extensive hospitality working experience of more than 10 years with major internationally branded.

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Mohamad Osman - ETQAAN for Hospitality Management's Regional IT Director for more than 14 years of consistent tracking record of leading and delivering enterprise interactive media projects

Company's Executive Assistants, Thoufeeq Hussein (BS in Computer Application) plays crucial parts at ETQAAN in representing both the owners and Managing Director's organizations and administrative functions of the properties in accordance with Hospitality Industry standards.